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Devoleena gives it back on twitter

2 min read

A tweet was put up by Bollywood Life quoting,”Did Jasmine and Aly badmouth Rashmi after she finished her conversation with Vikas Gupta?”

Where Devloeena retweets and quotes,” which personal grudges did Rashami took out, I would have shown what is taking personal grudges if I was in her place. infact I was pissed she didn’t take any action and didn’t respond and just kept listening to their crap.” Also mentions about watching the episode first and then talk clearly.

After a few minutes she retweets again a short video where Rakhi Sawant gets all emotional on learning about her mother being in the hospital. quoting,” lots of love and blessings to you #RakhiSawant. Aunty will be fine very soon.” with red heart emojis.

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