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Rakhi Sawant breaks down on seeing her closed one.

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During Family week, we will be seeing Rakhi Sawant first is surprised on seeing her mother on the TV screen in the house while she is frozen by bigg boss. Then when she is released she runs to the VC room to finally talk to her mother. It is so difficult for her to control herself from crying, she says that,”she is alone in the show. she needs her blessings and support.”

Her mother tells her that inform Jasmin Bhasin on her behalf that her rakhi never lies she will never lie. Rakhi tells her that forget and forgive her she is also your daughter. outside seated rest of the contestants, Rahul Vaidya is seen replying to that moment,”so sweet”

Later Rakhi Sawant learns that her mother is in the hospital due to sime illness. And Rakhi is shocked to know, she couldn’t handle herself but cries out loud and regrets not being with her in that moment. Rakhi says,” I cant afford to lose you. please be healthy till the time I come out of the Bigg Boss house.”

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