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Unique bonding happening in Bigg Boss 14

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Family week was going on and we know everyone was getting hell lot of emotional meeting their closed ones after so long. They all expected people coming for them and waiting for a longer time but we know that doesn’t happen. But let’s talk about a unique bonding happening between Rubina and Nikki in the house.

Rubina Dilaik and Nikki Tamboli go back into flashback where they used to fight for no reason and laugh it out. Going back to their conversation, Nikki asks Rubina if they had ever bonded before in the show, where Rubina thinks for while and says that she used to fight with everyone and was against everyone in the house. rRubina also says that she remembers Nikki saying,”my problem is that I can’t listen to people complaining about me for no reason.”

Rubina further adds,” I don’t trouble people for no reason, that not even my nature.” also adds,” she can bear a person during a fight until they cross a certain limit.” Nikki Tamboli replies to that saying,”she has changed a lot since the start of the show. I used to think of her as a 4 year old (referring to the lesson she taught other contestant with the milk carton).”

Rubina then says that she is open to peoples’ advises, she loves to learn like that and it is also easy to understand in that way. So let us know in the comments about how you feel about this new bond emerging from their flashback.

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