Exclusive Interview with Pratibha Ranta

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Pratibha Ranta is an Indian television actress. She debuted in the Zee TV’s serial ‘Qurbaan Hua’ in 2020.

What are your 2021 resolutions?
I decide on various resolutions every time but I don’t follow them. But I decided this time, I’m firm this time to complete and follow my resolutions this year for sure. 2020 has taught us so much that mainly it teaches us to stay grounded with our dreams as much as possible.
I’ve decided this time to travel specifically to Shimla to my family, spend time with my family. Basically I want to travel.

Which is your dream destination?
As such I don’t have specific dream destination but I would love to go to Maldives since I love water, I want to be somewhere around water. I also like mountains more than water so yeah mountains. Actually, I change my dream destination according to the seasons .

How difficult was it to finally land on Qurbaan Hua? How was your journey until then?
So at a very young age, I had started dancing and acting. When I came to Mumbai, I had started applying for certain roles and shows. But when I had auditioned for Qurbaan Hua, I had gone with no intention but next day I received a call of being accepted for the role and we want you as a Chahat in the serial. I felt so happy that I had gone there without any intention and I got the role. Because I remember keeping this mind, during my mock shoot I was not at all nervous and I gave my best and shot casually for the given role and it was accepted. As if the stage is meant for me, the universe had given me a sign.

What was your parents’ reaction?
So yes coming to this, I always stayed at my grandparents place. My parents always asked me through calls that which audition did I do today? Qurbaan Hua happened and they were so happy since they always hoped for this big and my grandmother was so proud because I come from a small town.

What’s your hobby that you explored in 2020? Do you think it will be beneficial in your future?
I can’t say that I exactly explored but yeah it is beneficial mainly I finally found time to spend some quality time with my family. I think it is something everyone explored as we realise we have missed on the small moments of our life. In my 20 years my entire family has been together but I have been away. I’ll try to implement in 2021 the most. It taught me to stay connected to my roots.

How do you feel when your fans give you amazing reviews when they like your role?
It is so motivating to be honest it made me feel overwhelm. It is a very big thing because whenever my interview comes out, my fans share their reviews and stories, it makes me feel so good that I feel so motivated to work everyday. Initially I never interacted with the fans but when I realised they feel so blessed and that makes me feel all the more overwhelmed.

One thing you like the most about social media and dislike also?
So actually I feel social media is the best way for fast communication because it connects me faster to the people who love me and I love to interact with me. But I’m an old school person so I like to sit and talk to people face to face and it makes more easier with the expressions, a chit chat face to face person. Now small moments make the big moment in my life, I used to communicate with my friends through letters but now my brother chats with his friends on WhatsApp.

Have you ever written a letter to someone since you mentioned about being an old school person and writing letters and compared it with our generation?
Yes, yes! Now my friend recently posted a letter to me that had photographs and a note for me. Now that the small moment I like, it was a surprise for me and it felt so special. That feeling of she posted a letter for me from Shimla to Mumbai.

Coming to the personal part of your life, you being a foodie, how much cooking you do?
Actually no, I don’t know cooking because when I was small, people around me used to speak girl who doesnt know cooking who will accept you as a wife if you don’t know cooking. I firmly said that I won’t do cooking, I have my dreams to chase. I wish I get married to a chef. He just keeps on cooking and I keep on eating.

So you being so active on social media are you finding ro waiting for a soulmate?
No! Actually my final motive in life is to make my parents proud day by day.

Who is your close friend in the TV Industry with whom you share everything?
I share everything with Karan Jotwani and Tanya Sharma. It’s actually the bond we share. Karan actually was my first ever friend when I came into TV Industry. Our vibes are so similar that we vibe together.

How much do you enjoy shooting with Tanya? Do you guys pull pranks on each other?
We have a great understanding within us, it is very great that we understand each other. I have felt that great bonding. It is said that when two leads have a great personal understanding they will act together. You need to fulfil your work with honesty.

What is your dream role?
I want to act as a tomboy, where I would be bashing all the boys. I have actually been this type off screen in Shimla as well.

What is your message for your fans?
I want to say just one thing that Thank you so much you guys. It is very overwhelming and great feeling, the position I am today is all because of you guys. So thank you much!

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