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Jasmin’s parents warn her to play solo

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Welcome to the second part of the family week where Jasmin Bhasin would meet her parents. She would finally meet her parents after so long. While everybody were ready for someone to meet their closed ones, Bigg Boss finally announce Jasmin’s name. Everyone was frozen as commanded and Jasmin was released to meet her parents.

When she finally meets and feel their touch through gloves she cries out and exclaims that she misses them a lot. Over the telephone, her father tells her to be away from everyone and play solo her own game and not to be associated with anyone. That feels strange after everyone knowing the bond and closeness between Jasmin Bhasin and Aly Goni. It is also new to Aly when he listens her father talk over the telephone. By the expressions it seems Aly and other contestants feel offended.

Coming to the next contestant, Rashami Desai comes to meet Vikas Gupta, we all know their friendship is one of the strongest ones. Rashmi speaks for Vikas with the entire house and tells them that they have no right to torture and speak about anyone’s family, that’s very wrong. Especially Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin, they have spoken a lot in the past days even if Vikas doesn’t speak, I’ll speak for him. This was a shock for everyone, the contestants never saw this coming their way. Vikas also exclaims to Rashami while hugging that no one came from my house and feels sad. While she takes out her anger on the contestants, she asks him to love himself, you can’t be listening to people who have been always judging you. To which Vikas replies,”no one taught me.”

Stay tuned for more such spoiler alerts for Bigg Boss 14.

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