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Reasons Why Priyank Sharma Supports Aly Goni

2 min read

Recently, we saw that Vikas Gupta and Aly Goni had a brutal fight regarding the nuances that were being made outside. Aly Goni claimed on Vikas that he didn’t allow him and Jasmin to work. He was the one who used to barge in.

Well now looking at all this Priyank is constantly supporting Aly Goni outside the house. Also, there might be other reasons as well that Priyank is supporting Aly Goni in the house. Recently, Vikas Gupta opened about his relationship with a guy and that’s where Priyank was also seen giving him a befitting reply.

Also, there might be scene like ‘Dushman Ka Dushman Dost’. Here question is that will Vikas Gupta sort things and accusations made on him.

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