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Surprise for Eijaz Khan by Bigg Boss

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It has been a rule that every contestant will get to meet only one closed one. But Bigg Boss surprised Eijaz Khan by getting his love to meet him, Pavitra Punia. Eijaz is surprised, it is by far the best surprise for him after he met his brother and vented out his anger. It was such a lovely moment watching them meet finally.

But let’s wait for a while, here Salman Khan gets inside the house to clean Rakhi Sawant’s bed. The reason he cleans her bed is because Nikki Tamboli was frustrated and wanted to ignore Rakhi hence she cleans everyone’s bed except Rakhi Sawant’s.

While Salman Khan takes an exit from the house, he gives his peace of mind to Nikki Tamboli saying that there is no work as such big or small, what is your work allotted you have to do.

Let us know what do you think of this spoiler.

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