Thu. Mar 4th, 2021

Mahesh Manjrekar caught in a hit and run case

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Apart from the telly news lets shift our mind to something different. Mahesh Manjrekar has been in the light for a short time but not in a good way. Recently from sources we have come to know that the host of Marathi Bigg Boss, Mahesh Manjrekar has been caught in a hit and run case 2 days back. The victim was interviewed by Marathi Chaska namely Kailash Satpute, he says that he was returning from Mumbai to his village on a vehicle at a normal said speed. Also said that he was driving from a wrong way on an off side, He realised that he was coming off from the wrong side but then too being a celebrity face he thought nothing was being harmed in threatening him. According to Kailash Satpute, his vehicle touched Manjrekar’s car, he was highly drunk it seems, he seemed irritated and got out of the car picking heavy steps approaching towards Kailash and pulled him by his collar. Following ahead, he started to hit Kailash, in order to save himself Kailash apologised to him for not committing a mistake whereas it was Mahesh’s mistake since he approached from the wrong side.

Kailash upon informing him about his identity too did not take it well, It seemed Mahesh was offended enough to learn that he was also known pretty well in his area. Mahesh later started hitting him even more and also asked for the expenses that will have to be covered for the damage done to his car. Mahesh Manjrekar also started abusing him and hit him even more. Other villagers are also witnesses of knowing that in the car there were more people consisting 3 men and women too. They all saw that a woman from the car had thrown a glass out of the car window and all of them in the car had been quite drunk to talk properly and cooperate. Other villagers had asked to go to the police station and Kailash himself had also suggested to go to the police station nearby to save himself and protect himself.

Kailash Satpute also added that he thinks that the police should look into the matter deep enough to know that Mahesh Manjrekar was drunk driving and also had consumed drugs. He also wasn’t in his proper self but upon knowing that Kailash and other villagers nearby were taking the matter to the police, he was ready to go away in his car. Kailash also said that he is ready with all the needed documents and would be ready to fight against him since he has committed no mistake and has also apologised and injured by Mahesh Manjrekar.

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