Thu. Mar 4th, 2021

“Completed my wish, bought a house before turning 25.” – Meera Deosthale

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Meera Deosthale, the one of the famous udaan faces played Chakor has now recently bought a new house on her own. She has shared on her Instagram and it has been one of the telly topics to be discussed in the industry because she being 24 year old who turned 25 on 16th November 2020.

When we asked Meera Deosthale about her journey and how she thought of having such a big goal during such hard time. She replied to us saying,” Whatever journey was of mine is all in front of you guys and you all have been a witness of my journey and it is such a big accomplishment of my this year. As I have mentioned in my caption that I love writing so I maintain a diary and there is a page where I had written that before I turn 25 I want to buy a house of my own. It has been such a great feeling since that day. It has been just my mum and me, my brother is in Abroad so he couldn’t pay a visit to me.”

What was your family’s reaction when you opened to them about this news?

My mom was very happy she said that you both (referring to me and my brother) you guys are you guys, you both do whatever you both want. I will support you guys.” She also added that surprisingly she found a a house of 2 BHK with 3 balconies and the view being an important part, she also said that the view is what she fell for because it is very beautiful.” She is very thankful and grateful for where she is today to her fans.

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