BB 14: #Jasly meeting again

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According to the sources, we know that Jasmin Bhasin is going enter Bigg Boss house again. Aly Goni is going to meet his love in a few days. But there has to be a twist for the love birds, Bigg Boss is never easy with anyone. Aly Goni will only infact not only Aly Goni, all the housemates will get a chance to spend a week with Jasmin Bhasin in the house. They both are being reunited because of their fans as they have always been the hearts of the audience.

Now speaking of Jasmin Bhasin’s comeback in the Bigg Boss house, it is because their fans have been breaking the records on twitter by tweeting the moments both Jasmin and Aly inside the house, and Instagram has also been flooding. The audience has been asking for their reunion ever since Jasmin has been evicted, which was 2 weeks ago. Nonetheless we all have seen how Aly Goni was broken inside and out when Jasmin left the house and also we cannot forget that Rubina was the one who helped him come out of the shock. Now also news for you all that Jasmin Bhasin will be under quarantine period from January 31st and she will be in for a week which is called as “Family Week”

Stay tuned for more such inside updates!

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