Thu. Mar 4th, 2021

“You are just trying to copy Rakhi” – Nikki Tamboli

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There is a task going on after the locked out task in the Bigg Boss 14 house and that has to be more competitive than the last one. Now that everyone is ready and pumped up for the task given by the Bigg Boss. Moving on there have to be arguments in the Bigg Boss house among the housemates. They have been provided bicycles and the cycle riding track to the housemates in the garden area. There are team yellow; Rakhi, Devoleena, Aly and Rahul and the rest in the team red.

Looking at the scenario, we feel that this task will be finished ill the end properly. But there has already been an argument between Arshi and Rakhi; Rahul and Abhinav. Hope that this task does not stop in between and the contestants complete this task. Vikas Gupta will be seen monitoring the contestants while they perform the task as he won’t be performing due to severe health issues.

Further Nikki Tamboli, the kid of the house is seen fighting and arguing with Arshi Khan because of the task. Nikki Tamboli defends herself saying that she is just trying to copy Rakhi Sawant in a way but now she is taking advantage because Rakhi is another team and she is in different. Nikki also says that,” I myself had reminded her that she is the opposite team and always trying to copy Rakhi. It’s all jealousy and nothing else.”

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