Thu. Mar 4th, 2021

BB 14: The unexpected fight between Aly and Abhinav

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Who would have thought that Aly Goni and Abhinav Shukla would be seen fighting again? Nonetheless, let’s move ahead and here we will get to see that these both once upon a time friends fight during the task that was related to cycles as mentioned in the past. They fight and the fight gets physical too between the two and that’s unexpected too but they both are taken away from each other by the other contestants.

Abhinav accuses Aly of abusing which Ay denies on his face saying, ” I didn’t use any kind of abusive language but you did.” and the fight goes on. Later, hopelessly fallen in love, Rakhi who had tattooed all over her body “I love Abhinav” gets angry on Rubina Dilaik over a matter that took place in the kitchen area. She cooks for everyone in the house and doesn’t do her work as said by Rubina and that hurts Rakhi and she says,” I thought about everyone and cooked in good faith.” To which Rubina says, “ in good faith you could even try doing the work which you have been allotted on time. Otherwise we wouldn’t have gotten late.”

Moving forward, Arshi and Rakhi also fight during the task and they literally stomp eachother’s cycles. And everyone is seen fighting and throwing parts of the bicycles in the swimming pool that gets ugly and was bound to get ugly.

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