BB 14: Frenemies in the house

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Knowing about the differences going on in the house among everyone, there have been friends who have become enemies and enemies who have become friends over a period of time. But those differences have become such examples set for others that they don’t repeat the same mistake but no worries we are here to update you with the same.

1.) Rahul Vaidya and Rubina Dilaik

Rahul Vaidya and Rubina Dilaik have been on good terms intact great terms from the beginning but suddenly when Jasmin Bhasin was evicted things changed among not only these two but others also. Then they were on bad terms intact to the length where every other day they were in headlines being in an ugly spat.

2.) Nikki Tamboli and Abhinav Shukla

Now talking about Nikki Tamboli, everyone knows that she is the kid of the house and argues on such silly terms and doesn’t need a reason to fight. But she has fought with every person in the house and you never know with whom she argues and then the next moment you will find her being friendly with the same. Same goes with Abhinav Shukla.

3.) Rahul Vaidya and Arshi Khan

Rahul Vaidya is the guy who fights with any person but has to have a reason if he argues and he fought with Arshi Khan but during the task and that extended to a limit where everyone gets involved. But that was very unexpected as they were on good terms but that turned into an ugly spat.

4.) Aly Goni and Arshi Khan

Aly Goni is one of the strongest contestants and this strongest contestant has taken it to another level when Jasmin Bhasin got evicted and had broken down as he did not know how he would survive without her in the house and he got into an argument with her as well. As she was not in the sense as Eijaz Khan was also out of the house because of his work commitments.

5.) Abhinav Shukla and Rakhi Sawant

Actually Rakhi Sawant is not in a proper argument with Abhinav Shukla but definitely with his wife, Rubina Dilaik as she had misbehaved with Abhinav on the show. She then had argued with Rubina about the same. Rubina broke down because of the same and Abhinav termed it as a torture.

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