BB 14: Besties inside the house

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Bigg Boss 14 is becoming interesting day by day. We can see many people becoming friends everyday and the same becoming enemies the next but for now. We will see many new best friendships happening, as of now there are 3 friendships seen.

Rahul Vaidya and Aly Goni

This is an old friendship in the house since the beginning and we have in fact the audience also loves this friendship. It is more like Jai Veeru because when they were getting fired by Salman Khan in the weekend ka vaar phase, they were being trick questioned but they didn’t deny any kind of fat and they didn’t even let it hurt their friendship. Now they have been spotted helping each other fixing eachother’s hairstyles.

Rubina Dilaik and Nikki Tamboli

Nikki Tamboli, yes the kid of the house has also been called the best friend of Rubina Dilaik as Nikki has been spotted all the time behind Rubina all the time be it even in the bathroom area. Now she is also spotted in the changing area with Rubina but she was helping her dress up for the task that will be allotted later.

Arshi Khan and Abhinav Shukla

Arshi Khan’s game plan has been confusing as she is not fixed with whom she wants to be friends with but nonetheless she has not changed being who she is. Now talking about her latest friendship with Abhinav Shukla after Abhinav was tortured by Rakhi Sawant and he broke down now he has decided not to talk to Rakhi ever as she has crossed her limits. Arshi was now spotted in the kitchen area with Abhinav discussing meal plans.

Stay tuned for more such updates!

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