BB 14: Disha Parmar said YES to Rahul Vaidya

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We all know the famous love birds of the Bigg Boss 14, one of all is Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar. One of the strongest contestants of this season, Rahul Vaidya had propose to Disha Parmar, the love of his life. Now that the connection week is going on! and everyone is very excited for him and her as well.

All the way, Disha Parmar has finally arrived to meet Rahul Vaidya finally after his imaginary proposal in the house. Everyone has seen that how twitter fam and Instagram fam were supporting Disha and Rahul’s love. Again today we will see how Rahul will be proposing Disha in the house when all their closed ones will come to meet them.

Rahul and everyone in the house are so happy when Disha Parmar enters from the door. He is shocked when he sees her glimpse and she is really glad to meet him too that is very visible from their faces itself. Spoiler is now! that Rahul Vaidya goes down on his knees again and asks her to marry him. Then Disha was also ready with her banner written “yes! I will marry you.” and she says also that yes she will marry him. And everyone in the background cheer for them and join in their happiness.

And they will live happily ever after! obviously they shared a kiss through the glass yes through the glass, they can’t touch each other. And they are thrilled to the core when they finally met eachother and shared a kiss again.

Stay tuned for more such updates!

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