Targeting the industry as the hot bed of depression is redundant, says Kavitta Verma

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Kavitta Verma, who has been part of movies such as Sanjay Dutt’s “Policegiri”, “Laali Ki Shaadi Mein Laaddoo Deewana” believes attacking the entertainment industry for being the breeding ground of depression is “redundant”.

Kavitta says she fails to understand why cleansing of energies and mental health is treated as a separate issue. She says it is important to love ourselves. Like how we clean our body, even the mind needs to be cleansed by getting rid of negative thought patterns and it’s an everyday task. We live in a challenging atmosphere or circumstances. Body, mind and soul are entwined so we need to take care of each aspect,” she adds. She believes restricting the issue of depression only for the entertainment industry is uncalled for. “Depression and a morbid mindset can be of anyone so targeting a particular industry or set of people is being redundant,” she says. “Unfavorable circumstances can be in anybody’s life. The entertainment industry has lots of added pressures than a normal person’s life hence it adds on to the survival mode of people’s lives,” she adds. When Kavitta feels depressed she chooses to listen to people who have a better insight to life in some ways like Indian yogi Sadhguru, Tony Robbins, an American author-speaker and psychotherapist Esther Perel.

She says it’s imperative to know what is being fed to the mind as one’s thoughts get influenced with it. “I have faced tragedies in my family so I have gone through it. I feel giving up is a BIG NO but we also need to understand the basic nature ingrained in a person, which is a factor to be considered. We all fall. We all have scars but it’s better to let your scars be seen by the world rather than hide them and create darkness within,” she concludes.

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