” I quit my 5 long year job to pursue acting since I was secured much.”- Vijayendra Kumeria

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The new star plus show ‘Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha’ is a beautiful love story of two individuals, Darsh and Nandini. Darsh is a young, physically challenged man. Although deprived of his sense of vision, Darsh has a heart of gold and never lets his disability hinder or affect others. We had an exclusive interview with the lead actor, Vijayendra Kumeria.

Since you are acting as a visually impaired person so how did you manage and did you do any training for the said role?

No! I didn’t do any kind of training like any formal training. I did a lot of observations or any workshop but honestly, I did watch a lot of bollywood movies like sparsh, andhadhun, lafangey parindey, etc. I could gather the body language part from the movies because of my role but the character of me in the show is totally different from these but I added my flavour to it. I did do my research for the part though.

How is it possible that your character being visually impaired is shown as a photographer and being able to save the girl in the water (as shown in the promo)?

This is possible because there are visually impaired photographers, there are equipments that help the photographers who are blind that help them click the pictures. And when I got the narrating I did my research and checked that is it authentic and real or is it just a story, so when I read about this there are people who are unable to see but explore much ad don’t see it as a difficulty. and there many of them. I’ve researched about these and I’ve known people like these and they haven’t made this as a weakness.

My character is not actually blind since birth so it would have been different, basically he lost his sight in an accident, he used to see before so he understands things around him. I have done a nice research.

What was your daughter’s reaction to the promo?

She watched the very first promo of the show, and she was very happy watching me act ofcourse she doesn’t undersatnd the story and all but yeah she keeps on humming the song or the tune of the show. She is happy to see me on screen and likes the song.

Have you ever practically tried putting a blindfold on your eyes and walk around?

Yeah normally i do my rehearsals with my eyes closed and I don’t put a blindfold but I keep my eyes closed and try walking around so that even if I tumble I get a hang of it while I’m on set but I get a feel of the surrounding. And anyways there are people on set to guide me.

You had a good civil aviation job so what made you quit that to pursue acting?

I had that job for five long years, I had this dream of becoming an actor, and I was secured much and wanted to pursue acting which was my dream. So I took a break and I thought that I’ll see for two years how it goes or if I’m able to make it or not. With the grace of God and everything started to fall in place. Practically and realistically I was prepared for whatever came my way.

Did you regret quitting your job?

Not at all, Yes Ofcourse I had second thoughts about quitting the job but I was sure that something good will happen soon.

You have faced a lot of rejections so what was it when you finally got the role of Jolly in Chhoti Bahu?

Even before landing with the role of Jolly I have done small parts in other channels as well, I did 2-3 shows on Door Darshan so I started getting hang of acting, then I got Chhoti Bahu that wasn’t a big part but I started from somewhere by that time. Many negative roles also I have done but when I got my first big break as a lead it didn’t mind me because I believed that whatever happens, happens for good.

What is the reason behind taking a long 4-5 months break between projects?

I don’t take a break purposely but I mainly wait for the right thing for me to start afresh with. There have been many rejections I have faced but I have said no to people because I am not convinced with my part I was offered but I will wait for the right one which suits and with I’m comfortable to be played. So I have some target of 5-6 months but I will take up something good so that’s the reason I wait for the right project. Luckily, by the grace of God, everything falls into place.

What was it like when you took up Naagin?

Basically, Naagin is very big thing and famous infact till today and it will be. Plus I wanted to do something different from what I have been doing till date. I wanted to work with Balaji and it is the biggest brand on Indian TV so these were the reason it made me take up Naagin.

What is your wife’s reaction when you play some romantic scenes with your co actresses?

*Laughs for a while* Any which ways we are not going overboard with the romanticism honestly. And my wife understands that it’s my job and I have to do that since so many years she knows that there are going to be roles like that and people like that and this is going to happen, the chemistry or social media comments and those things really don’t affect.

How was it producing Crime Alert?

It was good, now we are out with 6-7 episodes and we’ll be out soon with a climax series. We actually have done many Doordarshan shows also so we have the hang of it. and it is always fun in fact I like every aspect of film making be it acting, producing, or directing.

Have you ever been a director?

*Giggles* Yes I have infact we have shot a short film and a few scenes here and there. I enjoy doing such stuff and explore. Maybe in future I would like to direct if I can hopefully.

Which do you prefer or enjoy doing the most? Acting, Directing or Producing?

No! Any day undoubtedly acting but if I get a chance I would like to direct in future.

Lastly, any message for your fans and viewers?

Thank you so much, you all have been very kind to me since so many years and have showered a lot of love on my directing skills and acting infact whatever I have done. I was just request your love for the new ones (projects) as well. I always believe that the fans are the people who make us so we need their love and blessings.

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