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Aly Goni’s ‘self respect’ comment on Nikki Tamboli’s

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Nikki Tamboli has made headlines since the very first day of Bigg Boss 14, has proved to be a strong contender with the viewers and the seniors of the house already considering her in the top 5 position.

Not only her strong stands, also adding some drama to the show and her dedication towards the task but also her camaraderie with Sidharth Shukla is much loved and enjoyed. Their on-going chemistry is thoroughly adored by the fans. None the less, recently, television actor Aly Goni tweeted “Nd this girl tamboli…I don’t know what she wana prove with all this…whole world knows that how much Shehnaz love Sidharth and I m sure he also loves her but as an actor I can understand he is playing a game that’s y he is there. koi self respect naam ki cheez hoti hai behan.”
To which Nikki Tamboli, Shehnaaz Gill as well as Sidharth Shukla’s fans gave it back on the actors tweet, providing her a full fledged support. Making Aly’s tweet backfire at him.

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