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Pearl V Puri’s latest song, Teri Aankhon Mein trends on no 1 on youtube

3 min read

Pearl V Puri’s song, Teri Aankhon Mein with T- Series is out now and has already created a massive buzz on social media, and everyone has been talking about it only.

The song became the most viewed video within 24 hrs. And not just that within 2 days of its release, the song has bagged more than 18 M views and is also trending at No. 1 on YouTube. The song has already reached so many milestones, we can’t wait to see what’s ahead!

And not just that, even before the release of the song, it had captured the audience’s attention and the limelight on all the social media. We guess Pearl V Puri’s presence in the poster was enough to make fans go head over heels as before a day to the release of the song #TeriAankhonMeinOutTomorrow was trending at No. 1 on twitter. How can we not be excited when it’s romance, music, and Pearl V Puri coming together. It is a killer combination as the actor has always mesmerized us with that.

The song has just released and became everyone’s favorite like that, The first-day reaction of the fans must have been quite overwhelming for the actor as he was showered with so much love and appreciation of fans!

After Pearl’s debut song Peerh Meri he surely raised the bar of expectations amongst fans, but he has taken romance to another level with his captivating performance in Teri Aankhon Mein. He has touched our hearts then, and he has made sure to touch our hearts this time also. Is it the new romantic song of the year we are listening? We think so!

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