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Aarhan Khan’s connection with Big Boss 13 contestant Rashami Desai

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Arhaan Khan and Rashmi Desai‘s relationship was much talked about recently. So Telly Chaska came in touch with him to know their relationship status. Not only this but we came to know a lot of things about Big Boss 13 Contestant Rashami Desai.

Rumors which are going on about your and Rashmi relationship is that true?

No that’s not true I know Rashmi for the last 3 years, we are friends and we are working on together, so I don’t know who leaks this fake news that we are dating each other or we are going to marry each other.

Tell us something about her behavior?

She is a fantastic girl, a girl who does lots of Masti, very strong from inside, today whatever she is it’s because of her hard work. If you talk to her nicely she is also nice to you, even after coming to this position also she is not egoistic.

What do you think about her behavior in the Bigg Boss house? Fake or Real?

No, I think she will absolutely be real because you can’t stay fake for a long time, Bigg boss is of 16 weeks, you can stay 2, 3-week pretending fake after that you have to back on your normal life, then your actual behavior will come out, so I think Rashmi is not a person who will be fake, she will be fair in the house.

What you want to say on Ameesha Patel’s statement, “Rashmi and Siddharth Shukla were having a heart feeling before entering in Bigg Boss”?

I don’t know, but as far as I know Rashmi she don’t feel anything for Siddharth and even I know Siddharth is a fantastic person. All this talk has been leaked from the set when 2 friends work together then small nok jhok always happens between them, there is nothing such about Rashmi’s affair with Sidharth.

Do you think she has the potential to win Bigg Boss?

Off course I think she is the only one who is winning Bigg Boss 

If you will get a chance to go in Bigg Boss as wildcard entry will you go?

No, I don’t want to go, because I can’t handle so many tensions.

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