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Vishal Jethwa’s Exciting Role In Mardaani 2

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Vishal Jethwa is best known for his role in Maharana Pratap. Now he will be seen doing a negative role in Rani Mukherjee starer Mardaani 2. We could only see the small glimpse of him in it but the way his character is introduced is quite interesting.

He is seen in various looks in the movie. Sometimes face covered with a mask, the other frame will show you something different. There are various look changes of him in this movie and that’s what makes everyone think like who is the villain. The last shot in the trailer was thrilling as he hits Rani Mukherjee. Overall, the character is well balanced with the story.

Vishal JEthwa Mardaani 2

He has done various negative roles before also. Where he seems to portray it on screen very well and that might be the reason he has got such a big project. While shooting for this film he was locked and not allowed to meet anyone. If you want to meet then special permission was required. Even he didn’t celebrate his birthday this year. It was such a hard job and that’s all bring him to such a personified character.

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