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“I would love to be Rose from Titanic” -Jasmin Bhasin

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Jasmin Bhasin

Jasmin Bhasin recently got in a conversation with Telly Chaska where she spoke about her experience down south, her struggle to achieve this stage, her Web project, and her fears.

Jasmin Bhasin was last seen in playing the lead role of “Happy” in Star Plus’s Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji and was seen in Khatron Ke Khiladi season 9 where she ended as a semi-finalist She made her film debut in the Tamil film Vaanam. She has also played the role of Teni in Dil Se Dil Tak on Colors TV and is best known for her role of Twinkle Taneja in Zee TV’s Tashan-e-Ishq.

You started your career with ad film and modeling and now you did a lead on Starplus so how much did you struggle to achieve this stage.

Yah that true that I started my career with modeling but I will not call it a struggle it was more of a hard work day and night nonstop I was always working. It was a lot of hard work I will not call it to struggle because I came across a lot of good opportunities.

You have done so many south India film what are your plans for Bollywood.

I would love to work in Bollywood screen someday until then I have my finger crossed, I hope I get that opportunity very soon.

How different is the experience down south than the television industry?

Down south I did movies and here in Bombay, I have been doing television so you cannot compare the way movies are shoot and the way television is shoot. The movie is for 3 hours and television is a nonstop thing I cannot comment on it. One thing I can say is, both the industry are very punctual and much disciplined that is the similarity.

Which is your favorite platform among web TV and movie?

I am an artist I don’t do any favoritism that this is my favorite platform, I perform where ever I get to do challenging roles and I feel happy doing is a good platform for me it can be the movie it can be we it can be TV shows. So as an ARTIST I do not compare.

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The web is trending now what are your plans to do web content.

The web is the next big thing everybody is producing a lot of interesting and amazing content on the web. I am meeting many people and listen to stories I will only do web when I feel excited as, wow this character is so cool I will enjoy it doing only then.

A struggle breaks the faith of going on what kept you going.

Yes struggle breaks the faith in going on but if you are in that state you have to realize maybe even if there is 1% chance you should keep trying and think possible and do not let anything break your faith

Luck or hard work; Whom do you give the credit of your success.

Luck or hard work I think both of them go hand in hand. I cannot give credit to one; if you are lucky, you should be hardworking enough to capitalize the most out of the opportunity. Therefore, I give credit to both lucky and hard work.

Being an actor in itself is an art to gain attention, so after achieving the success how important it is to stay down to earth.

I manage to stay down to earth by know that doctor has a profession similarly acting is my profession I don’t need to feel special or anything I need to stay on the ground I am a normal human being like everybody else I have a family I have emotions that keep me grounded.

What is that one thing you fear the most?

I fear the most is losing my family and friends because I love then and I depend on them emotionally.

Which is your all-time favorite movie, which you wish to recreate and act?

My all-time favorite movie is Titanic I would love to be Rose from Titanic. However, it is actually impossible now because classics are made once.

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Relax Refresh Reconnect ☘️ #vacation

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One motto or mantra you follow to be a better you.

One mantra I follow is Have Patience, everything takes time but eventually happens do not give up have patience.

Which is that one place you would like to visit?

I am going to visit Iceland very soon

If you are granted for a wish, what will you ask for?

If I were grated with one wish, it would be, to eat whatever I want and travel without any money.

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Relax Refresh Reconnect ☘️ #vacation

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Lastly, what is the importance of close friends, family, and fans to you?

Friends, family, and fans are my support system they are the cushion on which I fall and I feel comforted so for me they are my lifeline and my support.

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