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Kangana Ranaut is my role model: Anushka Sen

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Anushka Sen Gal Karke

Anushka Sen was currently seen in Jhansi Ki Rani as Rani Lakshmi Bai and her first music video Gal Kar Ke is out. Now you will see her in movies like Lihaf and Country of Blind.

Lihaf is an autobiography based on Ismat Chugtai and Country of Blind is a historical film. To know more about it Telly Chaska got in touch with Anushka Sen.

 Did you read the novel before acting in Lihaf and The Country of Blind?

The movie Lihaf is about Ismat Chugtai the writer, it’s an autobiography so I had to know the details. I had to know her behavior about how she talked, how she expressed herself. I read a lot of stuff about her on the internet. My director sir helped me a lot with the novel, he told me stories of Ismat Chugtai. She had a bold personality, she was very active and confident.

I didn’t read a proper novel for a country of the blind but director sir guided me a lot. My co-actors knew about the story and the writer and they told me stories.

What kind of role you are playing in both movies?

I think Lihaf is women-centric, I am playing the protagonist which is great for me. I feel very lucky and blessed to play Ismat Chugtai’s character. Secondly, The Country Of Blind I am playing the person from the country. It is the story where people don’t know about the eyesight and I am one of them. Without eyesight also I am a warrior in that you will see me shooting with bow and arrow that too with confidence. I am playing a very bold and strong character in both of them. Both are really interesting and different stories.

What was your experience while working with Hina Khan for the Country of Blind?

Hina Khan Dii is very sweet and her focus towards work is very nice. It was fun to shoot with her because we were in Kashmir. That area comes under one of my favorite places there is no pollution. The people there are very sweet and they used to take care of us. The kind of clothes we were wearing, we used to feel cold. So they set up a born fire and we used to lot of Masti, play ludo and dancing. She also told us about her experience in Cannes.

How do you spare your boredom?

Cindra (her pet dog) is always there for me if she is at home so I play with her. Boredom never strikes. If Cindra is sleeping and I feel like what to do then Netflix is there. I have started reading novels and that is killing my boredom 90%. Then I go dancing class, play instruments, there are a lot of things to do.

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Love you so much Cindra baby♥️

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If you get a chance to time travel, where would you go? Past or future?

Future or no! It’s a very difficult question. I think I would go to the past. Future is what is going to come, I am 17 and in a few years, I will be facing 20/25. So you can’t go the past like 15 or 13, so I would go to the past. It will be so much fun.

Who is your role model?

Kangana Ranaut is my role model. It’s because she also comes from a family where there are no producers and directors. wherever she is today, it’s because of her talent and acting skills. She has got everything on her own. She also got a national award, so it’s a very big thing. She inspires me a lot.

Which is your favorite web series?

There is a lot of web series I watch. On Netflix, there is Vampire Diaries and River Dale. These two are my most favorite. 13 Reasons Why also holds strong content towards teenagers and spreads a lot of positivity. Punch Beat is the Hindi web series I really like it. Priyank Sharma is playing one of the characters, it is so good and I love that.

One thing that you fear the most?

I think spiders. That’s the only thing I fear the most because I don’t like them.

A message to your fans.

Message to my fans would be thank you so much for your love and support. All the edits, letters that you send, birthday wishes. Even when I was coming up with Gal karke the reaction among the fans was very fast. I think they motivate me a lot. I really wish if I had superpower I would meet you guys at once.

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