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Vineet Raina speaks about the Financial Crisis of TV industry in Lockdown

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We have been seeing many actors churning out videos to entertain their fans and audiences, but not many have actually spoken about the financial struggle. Of course a lot of initiatives and measures have been taken to safeguard and support the situation of daily wagers but not many have acknowledged and spoken in depth about the financial crisis that the entertainment industry is facing and will be facing during this Lockdown.

TV actor Vineet Raina recently posted a video which instantly has become viral, wherein he is pointing out the financial struggle of artists during this lockdown. The actor calls himself as well as everyone a warrior who are staying at home. He has pointed out that how all the per day earners might face difficulty to pay their rent, bills, daily expenses, etc. These include all, spot boys, lightmen, Hair dressers, make-up dadas, the whole crew and even the artists, all the kalakars. A kalakar could be a painter, a stand-up comedian, a musician, choreographer, singer, producer, director, technicians, any and every artist and all the people who work in our tv and film industry. He also speaks about that it is uncertain when the shoots will commence and when will he and all the actors finally be able to earn again. In this video he also has appealed to PM Narendra Modi and CM Uddhav Thackeray to think about the TV industry and workout permits to commence with shooting with proper and strict measures. Watch the video to know more.

Well, our entertainment industry is humongous and we need to come together, stick together and come out with solutions that would help every single person working for our industry.

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