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Jaat Na Poocho Kinshuk Ki

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Kinshuk Vaidya describes the character of Baadal from his upcoming new show on &Tv Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki. Kinshuk plays the main role in the serial with co-star Pranali Rathod. Also, we will see the different look of Kinshuk which we had seen earlier. As the show difference cast and religion the same as happened earlier in the movie of Dhadak and Sairat as well.

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Kinshuk says, “The response to my character Badal has been amazing. Everyone told me that the character is very different and they are liking the different look which I am portraying. Since the character is looking like someone from the lower caste, some time ago someone told me that it’s very difficult for me to look poor and if I am portraying someone from a very poor section of the society and people are getting convinced then I have surely succeeded in my performance”.

Someone asked about his long hair he replies, ” I am very happy that everyone is liking the long hair look and it is giving a different flavour to the character and I have also been looking different compared to the previous shows which I have done. It’s a very rough and raw look to the character and it was a great decision to have the long hair look for Badal”.

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Upon being asked about the concept similar to Sairat or Dhadak he says – “Not at all because the entire storyline and the track is different and only the basic concept of the show is based on Sairat and Dhadak which is honour killing and caste discrimination which are the major issues of our country. In metros and progressed cities, you do not get to see such incidences often but there are still smaller towns and villages where these issues are very much prominent and I think that with passing time these things will be taken care of”.

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