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“Unless and until you work hard there won’t be any luck” – Sumedh Mudgalkar

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Krishna aka Sumedh Mugdalkar

Sumedh Mudgalkar in a candid conversation with Telly Chaska spoke about his love for the fan, his first experience with camera how he ended up playing Krishna.

Mudgalkar made his acting debut in Channel V’s Dil Dosti Dance, a dance-based youth show where he portrayed the role of Raghav aka Raghavendra Pratap. Then he became known for portraying the negative role of Yuvraj Sushim in the Indian historical drama Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat. He then appeared in Manjha that was his first film as a lead actor in Marathi in a negative role. He portrayed the role of a psychopath named Vicky. In 2018, Sumedh played the role of Salil in Bucket List. Since 2018, Sumedh is playing the role of Lord Krishna in Swastik Picture’s magnum opus Radhakrishna that started on 1 October on Star Bharat.

How does it feel to gain recognition and love from your fans

It feels good always to get such a character. To play Krishna it is always a pleasure.

How was your experience while you were auditioning for the role of Krishna?

Kuch Nahi, I went there to audition for a negative role ended up doing a positive role.

What do you believe in? Luck or Hard work?

I believe in both unless and until you work hard there wont be any luck for you. coz you know you can’t believe in luck all the time to make you the thing for the end of the day you get what you work for.

How was your first experience in front of the camera, do you remember your first dialogue in front of the camera?

It was very different I don’t know but I was very nervous. I somewhat remember (laughing it off) but I don’t want to say it here right now

A career dream you want to achieve.

I want to achieve a lot of things but things happening today is more than what I thought for myself more than what I asked for my self, but you know that there is always the next step looking forward to working hard a little more and that’s what is genuine so just looking forward to it.

What were the difficulties you faced in your early days of career

There are always these difficulties… to face this issues when you are new to this industry, when you don’t belong to this places, you never have been here before, different kind of people different of mindsets, when you have to work and don’t know how acting is done, you don’t know how to portray your character as an actor, how to be professional about work and everything, that’s difficult

Do you think with fame people tend to get arrogant?

no it’s not about that what I feel is that once you get that amount of fame and it becomes difficult for you to proceed ahead. That happens some times when people know you everywhere where ever you go, people know you people expect the best out of you. Har Ek insan har Ek time par sahi mood me nahi Hota hai people have got problems in their life and not every time a person can handle all the problems that easily and that swiftly so when you had a bad day and people met, I have never been arrogant to any fan it just that I might not be in that form cause people don’t know what I am going through and everybody has got problems.

that’s what happens jab aapka mood kharab hota hai tab aap shiyad sab ko utna pyaar na de pao, that’s what it is. but the person in front of, are your fans, they are giving love so how can anyone be arrogant.

Which is that one risky decision you took of your life?

The first risky decision I took was to play a negative character, and the other one is to play Krishna I was not sure about playing negative I was not sure if I would be able to play Krishna. it is a risk that you take up a role and you can’t do it.

Which would be your second career option other than acting?

I love acting, and it is not a career option its something which I would love always.

If you get a chance to time travel where would you go in the past or in the future what would you do there?

I will just go a year back when I was doing nothing and then I will just look at my self today and See what I was then and what I m now.

Your message for your fans

I love them a lot I m glad to have them, so maybe I am not able to return their love the way there are giving me but I love them all and I want them to know.

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