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“Bigg Boss Main Sab Chhupe Rustom Hote Hain” – Sambhavna Seth

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sambhavna seth

Bigg Boss is the most controversial show ever and here we have taken interview of Sambhavna Seth who participated in Bigg Boss season 2 and Bigg Boss Halla Bol. She was the most interesting personality of those seasons. Here it is what she has to say about this season and its contestant.  

Do you follow Bigg Boss?  

In the start, I saw the entry of everyone and now since Khesari is inside the house I have started watching. It’s quite interesting and now Vishal also in the house so it will be more fun to watch and I am very very happy. This season itself is so much fun to watch.  

Who is your favourite contestant from all the wild card entrants?  

Khesari is inside, I am very happy about him. If you don’t now then I have helped him in the preparation for Bigg Boss. I am looking forward to seeing Khesari much more in the show, in public, he is very entertaining. As he said, “he is trying to know everyone in the house and I hope that the personality he is showing tries to improve more”.  

As of now, Vishal is inside the house so he will do the Dhamaka.  

Who is your favourite contestant those who were from the start of this season?  

I like Rashami and Shehnaaz both of them. I know Rashami from the start, she is a very nice person and I hope that she shows her good side more. Shehnaaz is full-on entertainment package, how can I forget Hindustani Bhau. If I have to select from Shehnaaz and Bhau then I will go with Hindustani Bhau. Both of them are entertaining but Hindustani Bhau seems to emotional person, he is one of the personalities that I am loving to watch.  

This is all social media’s hungama and I know Bhau since when he used to make blogs, but I didn’t knew about his nature. If he is an angry young man then he is also the sweet person.  

According to you who is the strong or weak contestant of Bigg Boss 13? 

It is hard to tell anyone’s name at this point in time. Everyone from Siddharth Shukla to Aarhan to Rashami Desai to Devoleena everyone is strong at this point of time. We can’t judge who is strong because of the voting system. The person who seems weak might get strong as the show goes forward, ‘Bigg Boss mein sab chhupe rustom bhi hote hain’.  

But I can say you who are my favourite amongst them. Khesari is like my brother, as he is inside I am very happy for him. Vishal is sure he would be an interesting character. Entertaining side of Hindustani Bhau and Shehnaaz is very nice.  

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Who is the best player in the house?  

I don’t know about the good player but the one whose game I don’t like is Siddharth Shukla. He is becoming a very rude guy, he doesn’t see and sometimes he speaks too rudely.  

What are your comments on Siddharth Shukla’s behaviour?  

In the house, everyone is the double face and as soon as Salman Khan enters the house they show their colours. But suddenly, no one supported Mahira before that everyone was together because Salman Khan supports Siddharth. 

There is a task where even girls are also involved or else girls should not be given any task. You cannot say this that there is a task where a girl should not come in between. See this a task and everyone has to do it.  if men and women both are doing a task then men have to be little careful. Everyone is playing the game but safety should be kept in mind. People have to be careful they are dealing with girls.  

If you were given a chance to go into the house of Bigg Boss house as a special guest will you go?  

Bigg Boss I have done two times and it is such a show that if given a chance anyone would love to do it. It is everyone’s favourite show and everyone would love to go to the house. This house where I have stayed 2 times in season 2 and season 8, obviously there is some attachment with that house. I have an attachment with the house of Bigg Boss.  

According to you who should win Bigg Boss 13?  

It’s too early. Right now I am just watching the game, the wild card has just now entered the show. But for now I want Khesari to be in the game for a long time, the entertaining side I know should come out in front of everyone.  

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